Activity 3D: So What’s the Matter With Ozone?

This activity is written into five parts so students can conduct an in depth study of ozone and its effects on our health or with minor modifications can do each part as a separate activity.

  • Make observations and inferences
  • Revise their inferences upon gathering additional information
  • Observe that the test paper changes upon environmental exposure
  • Organize information into concept maps
  • Relate changes in the test paper to environmental factors
  • Collect, graph and analyze data
  • Define ozone and distinguish between stratospheric and tropospheric ozone
  • Explain how ozone can be simultaneously beneficial and harmful to humans
  • Demonstrate the impact of ozone on humans
  • Explain how humans are contributing to the ozone problem
  • Show the relationship of concepts by creating a concept map
  • Identify factors in their environment that are responsible for the ozone levels they observe via the test strips
  • Identify ozone-related issues in their community and develop a community action plan based upon analysis of data

Respiratory system, chemical reaction, air pollution, environmental exposure, environmental factor, ozone, stratospheric ozone, tropospheric ozone

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Pulmo Park
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Lesson 3: In Particular, What Goes Up Your Nose?