Activity 3D: Somnosurfin'

Students will work in groups and use simple materials to generate waves of varying size. By generating waves using their wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, students will be able to draw conclusions about the energy required to generate various sizes of waves. If available, students can use a digital camera(s) and a software program (such as Movie Maker) to make a “movie” featuring class waves. Students will discover the relationship between wavelengths, amplitude, frequency, and energy, and have fun at the same time!

  • Explain the basic properties of waves
  • Describe the relationship between wavelength, frequency, and energy
  • Critically evaluate observations to make inferences
  • Compare and contrast the properties of waves with different energy, frequency, and wavelengths
  • Demonstrate skill in working in groups

Wave, energy, amplitude, frequency, joint, wavelength, observing, analyzing, drawing conclusions

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ZZZZzzzWorld: Exploring Sleep
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Lesson 3: Snoozin's Not Losin': It's Good for You!