Activity 3D: What’s Somatotype With You?

The students will be given somatotype values for imaginary characters. The students will refer to these measurements when filling out a SomatoChart. This SomatoChart will give the students information they need to calculate coordinate points which they will plot on a SomatoGraph. From the SomatoGraph, students will be able to classify a person’s body type. In this lesson the teacher will divide the class into groups of two. Each group will find the somatotype for six characters. After the students have found all six characters’ body types, they will then compare and contrast the characters. This compare/contrast will help lead them to the conclusion that even though some people weigh the same, their body shapes could be extremely different and that lifestyle choices can alter body composition and thus somatotype. 
  • Fill out a somatotype rating chart (Somatochart)
  • Graph and read a somatograph
  • Recognize and describe different body types
  • Infer ways in which to improve body composition 



Somatotype, somatochart, somatograph, body type, body composition


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Corpulosity: A Study of Obesity
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Lesson 3: Fat: Who Says? (Measuring Obesity)