Activity 3F: B.O.A. Responder: Safe and Unsafe Transfusions Activity Suggestion

The focus of this activity is to provide an awareness of the importance of accuracy in blood typing as it relates to transfusions. Students will examine the procedures to accurately determine blood type. Students will look at the importance of patients receiving the correct blood type during a transfusion.
They will also learn about health risks to receiving the wrong blood type transfusion. This activity focuses on transfusion safety as it deals with blood type. Activity 3G: Safety of the Blood Supply from the Positively Aging®/M.O.R.E. curriculum will focus on how the blood supply is kept safe from diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.


Blood typing, transfusions, health risks, blood supply, HIV, hepatitis

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Cast Your Net: Adventures With Blood
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Lesson 3: I Want Your Blood: Blood Transfusions