Activity 3F: A Polysomnogram Mystery: Sleep Sleuths

Students will apply the knowledge of polysomnograms they obtained in activity 3E, Polly Want a Somnogram? as they solve a sleep mystery. They will work like detectives to learn about patient sleep patterns. They will then compare and contrast labeled (known) samples of polysomnogram printouts with unlabeled (unknown) samples, much like work done by forensic scientists who compare the electrophoresis patterns of the DNA of a known person with those of an unknown person to help identify the unknown person. Let the sleuthing begin!

  • Analyze a polysomnogram to solve a “sleep mystery”
  • Identify the stage of sleep and/or specific wave patterns, sleep disorders, etc.
  • Compare known (labeled) polysomnograms of patients with unknown (unlabeled) patient polysomnograms to infer the stage of sleep and/or specific wave patterns and sleep disorders found among the unknown polysomnograms
  • Observe how organ systems are interdependent
  • Use deductive reasoning to identify components of the unknown polysomnogram

Polysomnogram, sleep stage, wave pattern, sleep disorder, sleep pattern, sleep 

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ZZZZzzzWorld: Exploring Sleep
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Lesson 3: Snoozin's Not Losin': It's Good for You!