Activity 3G: No Rest For the Weary: Some Common Sleep Disorders

We live a sleep deprived world! Work and school certainly contribute to the issue, but there are other causes, too! In this activity, students will work in pairs to research various sleep disorders. They will use the tools provided to keep track of what they discover. Students will then prepare a brochure, poster, or flyer about the sleep disorder. They will present their product to the class and conduct a “mini-teach” as they share the information with the class. This is a great activity for students to show off their creative talents! 

  • Use multiple types of sources to research information about a sleep disorder
  • Evaluate the information gathered about the assigned disorder
  • Work cooperatively with another student to prepare an informational flyer, poster, newsletter, or brochure
  • Present information about a sleep disorder in oral form to the class

Polysomnogram, sleep stage, wave pattern, sleep disorder, sleep pattern, sleep

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ZZZZzzzWorld: Exploring Sleep
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Lesson 3: Snoozin's Not Losin': It's Good for You!