Activity 4A: Design for the Ages

One of the most difficult challenges faced by the elderly is the loss of mobility. Many senior citizens are confined to wheelchairs or are dependent upon walking aids due to complications from strokes, diabetes, and a number of other conditions that greatly inhibit their ability to move around in their environment. In addition to this, many public buildings, offices, and even neighborhood sidewalks are not designed to accommodate a mobility impaired person, further restricting where they are able to go. Many times, due to the age of the structure or poor planning, the problem of accessibility exists within the home. 


Making a home more accessible through furniture placement and the addition of adaptive equipment  will be the focus of this project. 

Upon completion of your "Design for the Ages", you will have become aware of the mobility and accessibility issues facing the elderly and the ways to modify structures making them accessible for all. In addition, you will be able to use this knowledge to help older family members and one day yourself live an active and independent life.
Design for the Ages 4A


Mobility, accessibility, adaptive equipment, accessibility modifications

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Mo-bility: Movement by the Numbers
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Lesson 4: Taking Positive Steps: Accessibility Design