Activity 4A: Food Labels

Read the student handout “Food Labels.” It is suggested that the teacher make a class set of this text. Through an oral question and answer session go over the components of the food label and what each component means. Students will complete the student worksheet “Food Labels.” Each student will need a copy of this worksheet.
Food Labels Student Worksheet Answer Key:
  1. 1/2 cup or 128 grams
  2. 120 calories/serving
  3. 20 calories from fat
  4. 16.6 = 17% calories from fat
  5. 240 calories
  6. 1 package or 38 grams
  7. 190 calories/serving
  8. 80 calories from fat
  9. 42.1 = 42% calories from fat
  10. 31.6 or 32 calories per cracker

Dietary guideline, food label, nutrient, reading, calorie, fat, fiber, protein, calculation, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, saturated fat, recommended daily allowance, serving size, mineral, vitamin

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You Are What You Eat
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Lesson 4: Food Labels