Activity 4A: Means

The teacher should make a class copy of the HHIE-S data entitled “Sample Data Set.” It is the same practice sheet used in lesson 2. The students may record their answers to this activity on the worksheet “Mean, Median, Mode and Range.” This is information from only 20 participants questioned in the hearing screening. The students will take the scores from these twenty people and find their average score. They will do this for both their English scores and Spanish scores. When the students have finished, lead them through a discussion about the information they have just found. Were the averages the same in both English and Spanish? Why or Why not? Have the students look at their data from the 20 participants to see if they can figure this out. If the averages were different have them find the difference in averages. Was it a very large difference? 

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Embracing Diversity
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Lesson 4: Mean, Median, Mode, and Range