Activity 4A: Plasmalympics: Cleaning Your Blood Take Me To Your Liver Activity Suggestion

Students will focus on learning about the largest internal organ in the body - the liver and its importance to their health, its amazing resilience, the common problems of the liver and how to avoid them. Students will investigate how viruses, genetics, drugs, poisons or drinking too much alcohol may cause different types of liver diseases, including cirrhosis;
hepatitis A,B, and C; hemochromatosis; and liver cancer. They will also learn about the progression of liver disease. Most importantly, students will learn how to watch for signs and symptoms of liver disease and how to protect their liver by making healthy lifestyle choices. Students will make a presentation to the class. Likewise, they will share the information they have learned with their families, armed with information to help make positive changes that may impact long-term health.

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Cast Your Net: Adventures With Blood
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Lesson 4: Plasmalympics: Cleaning Your Blood