Activity 4B: Determining Calories from Food Labels

Arrange the classroom into stations. Two similar food items will be at each station. Perishable foods should be represented with their empty food container. Nutrition labels for fresh produce items should be available at the grocery. Each station needs to be numbered and each food item needs to be lettered A or B at each station. Pair the students. Each pair will begin at a different station. Students will move from station to station at timed intervals. The number of stations will be dependent on class size. For example, a class of twenty-four would need 12 stations. Two to three minutes should be spent at each station. Each student will need a calculator, or two calculators may be placed at each station. A bell or whistle to signal move time will be helpful. At each station the students will record the number of calories per serving and the number of calories from fat per serving. They will then calculate the percent of calories from fat. The foods at each station should be similar except in regards to fat content.

The following is a list of suggested stations:

  1. Flour tortilla/Corn tortilla
  2. Tuna in oil/Tuna in water
  3. Canned beans/Dry beans
  4. Whole milk/Skim milk
  5. Pretzel /Potato chips
  6. Ice cream/Frozen yogurt

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You Are What You Eat
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Lesson 4: Food Labels