Activity 4B: Graphing My Self Assessment Extension: Re-evaluation of My Self Assessment

Once students have completed the self-assessment quizzes, ask them to score their papers and record their findings on the special circle graph, borrowed from The Wellness Encyclopedia, University of California, Berkeley. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston: 1991. (See Scoring Sheet - Self Assessment). Remind students that the graph they map out for themselves should not be compared against others. It should function as a tool for understanding the areas in which they are already making healthy choices, and it suggests the areas in which there is room for improvement. 

To the Students:
What Your Scoring Sheet Means - The pieces of pie that are completely shaded indicate that you are making healthy choices in that area. Keep up the good work!
Sections that are partially shaded are those that need a little more work. You can improve the quality of your life!
For sections that are barely shaded or not shaded at all, there is significant room for increasing your health. Work first on those areas where you are most likely to be successful. Then tackle the tougher sections later.
NOTE: Section B deals with family history, over which you have no control. Compensate elsewhere when you can!
Extension Activity
Reevaluation of My Self Assessment:
As a possible extension activity, you may ask the students to reevaluate themselves at mid-year and/or the end of the year to check for changes in results. 


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