Activity 4B: Nomogram for BMI Extension: Research Reports

You will need the class surveys from Activity 4A Perceived Overweight. Return the surveys to the students. Refer the students to the Nomogram to determine Body Mass Index. The directions are on the Nomogram handout. The students should place their risk classification on the survey form. Have the students complete the questions on the survey form. 


Extension Activity 

Research Reports:

Body weight does not always indicate whether someone is, indeed, too fat. Scientists have devised other methods of determining body fat. Suggest research investigation into methods of determining body fat such as underwater weighing, skin fold thickness, and total body water (hydrometry). Students may report on current technological advances to determine body fat.

Scientific studies link Body Weight (Body Mass Index) with mortality. Have students report on a life-style choice(s) overweight people may choose due to being overweight which could have an adverse affect on their longevity. 


Survey, data collection, BMI, body mass index, overweight, obesity, nomogram, algorithm, risk classification, Spanish 


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Nutrition and Aging
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Lesson 4: Perceived Overweight and Actual Weight Risk Classification