Activity 4C: Dire Progress: Observing the Progression of Atherosclerosis

Using a set of specially designed illustrations depicting the progression of atherosclerosis, students will work in groups of four to place the images in the correct sequence. While students work on sequencing the cards, the teacher will move about the room listening to student comments about the illustrations. The student comments will be recorded in a Word Experience Chart to be used in “processing out” the activity. Once the images have been arranged in the correct order, students will work in their groups to complete a story depicting what they think might be happening in the atherosclerosis illustrations. Once students have completed their stories, the class will come together as a whole group to “process out” the activity using the Word Experience Chart and stories.

  • Sequence the cards correctly by making observations
  • Write a story, based upon their observations of the atherosclerosis cards, that details the process of atherosclerosis
  • Define terms associated with atherosclerosis



Atherosclerosis, sequencing, observation, progression

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Inflamm-O-Wars: Silent Battles within Your Cardiovascular System
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Lesson 4: Inflamm-O-Stories: Progression and Regression of Atherosclerosis