Activity 4C: Fluoride Lab

The students will observe how fluoride affects the teeth. Explain to the students that the observation will be done by using two eggs. The eggs are used because the shells of the egg are close in make up to the minerals found in the enamel of the teeth. Mark an “F” on one egg. This egg will be treated with a fluoride gel prior to being submerged in vinegar. The second egg will not be treated with the fluoride gel. It is also submerged in vinegar. Explain that vinegar is being used because its an acid very similar to the acid found in their mouths. Students will set up time intervals to come in to the classroom to test their group eggs. The observations should be completed by the next class meeting. Students will be testing the hardness of the shells by touching the shells with a pin. Have the recorder in each group record the group observations. Allow at least twelve hours for the untreated fluoride egg to soften. As a group make a chart showing how often the egg was checked and the observation at each time point. 


Fluoride, fluoride gel, observation, demineralization, disease prevention


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Watch Your Mouth
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Lesson 4: Mineralization