Activity 4D: Ruptulators: Atherosclerosis Progression and Regression Activity Suggestion

The focus of this activity is to provide an awareness of what atherosclerosis is, how it can be prevented or reduce the risk, and treatment. Students will gather information from several sources. They will then create a brochure about the progression and possible regression of atherosclerosis. Students will write their brochure as though it will be used in a doctor’s office to inform patients about health risks and treatment of atherosclerosis.



Atherosclerosis, progression, regression, brochure, inform patients, health risks, treatment, heart attack, stroke, hardening, narrowing, arteries, plaque, build up, blood flows

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Inflamm-O-Wars: Silent Battles within Your Cardiovascular System
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Lesson 4: Inflamm-O-Stories: Progression and Regression of Atherosclerosis