Activity 4E: Graphing Fracture Rates

Make copies of the supplied graph for the students to use during this activity. The students will take the answers from the worksheet in Activity 4D Figuring Fracture Rate and graph the information. They will make a double line graph (one line for men, one line for women) of the fracture rate per 1,000 person years, and then compare the information. After graphing, have the students answer the questions. Discuss the questions as a group: The students should recognize that with age, fracture rate increases. They should also recognize that in females the fracture rate is much greater. This is due to the fact that females tend to have smaller bones to begin with, and they experience rapid bone loss upon the onset of menopause. You might want to point out that the number of fractures in both males and females aged 95+ is lower because there are fewer people in this age group.


Fracture rate, graphing, coordinate point, risk factor, inference


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Give Your Bones A Break
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Lesson 4: Bone Density