Activity 5A: Anatomy of the Human Ear

Pass out the unlabeled line drawing of the ear to each student. Using the labeled handout of the drawing have the students name the parts of the ear and label them on their picture. Ask the students to determine what the function is of each part of the ear. For each function, ask the students what hearing problems might occur if there was a defect in each individual anatomic area.


Examples of anatomic lesions, associated defects,
and hearing problems
Anatomic Site Defect Hearing Problem
External Auditory Canal Becomes blocked with wax (cerumen) Muffled hearing
Tympanic Membrane (Ear Drum) Has a hole in it (perforation) Decreased hearing until perforation healed
Middle Ear Infection (otitis media) Decreased hearing while infected
Inner Ear Loss of hair cells (presbycusis) Decreased ability to hear high pitched sounds




Anatomy, ear, anatomical defect, function


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Challenges and Changes: Sensitivity to Vision & Hearing Compromises
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Lesson 5: Anatomy of the Human Ear