Activity 5A: Building My Own Food Pyramid

Have students record all of the foods they ate yesterday. Have them make another recording on the following day so that they have two days worth of data. Students will classify what they've eaten into six categories based on the food pyramid. Have students “build” their own pyramids based on their daily intakes by coloring the number of servings eaten in each category on the student worksheet. These worksheets should remain nameless and will be evaluated by a classmate in Activity 5B Analyzing a Food Pyramid.
It is suggested that all students use a standard coloring code, for example:
  • Bread group — Brown
  • Vegetable group — Green
  • Fruit group — Red
  • Protein group — Blue
  • Dairy group — Yellow
  • Sugar and Fat — Orange


NOTE: This activity is based on the 1992 USDA food guide pyramid. 

See http://www.mypyramid.gov/ for the current USDA food guide.   



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You Are What You Eat
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Lesson 5: Nutrition Journal/Food Pyramid