Activity 5A: Group Averages & Generalizations

Use a scale and a measuring tape or growth chart. Obtain the following information from the students: current height, current weight, current age, length at birth, weight at birth, birth season (Spring babies — March, April, May; Summer babies — June, July, August; Fall babies — September, October, November; Winter babies — December, January, February). Determine the averages for current height and weight, as well as birth weight and length for the following groups: total class; boys/girls; current ages; birth seasons. Combine this data with that of other classes. Develop an interesting way to display these findings. Can any generalizations be made from these findings? How many students fall within the birth weight and length ranges described above? Compare the various groupings with the average ranges. Can any generalizations be made from this comparison? 

Personal growth, data comparison, body change


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A Look at Me
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Lesson 5: Aging and Body Changes