Activity 5B: Analyzing a Food Pyramid

Provide students with a list of the recommended number of servings for teenage boys and teenage girls. Have them color the servings using the same coloring code as Activity 5A Building My Own Food Pyramid. Discuss the pyramid shape that results for both boys and girls. Utilizing the "Pyramid Analysis Worksheet," students will analyze and evaluate a classmates “pyramid” from activity 5A as compared with the pyramid illustrating the recommended servings for teens.
They will then make recommendations to restructure eating habits for this classmate. This can be a sensitive issue for some students. It is suggested that the pyramids remain nameless and that the teacher use an anonymous numbering system to distribute pyramids. Follow activity with a class discussion. Informally survey students to see how many need more vegetables, dairy products, etc.
It is suggested that all students use a standard coloring code, for example:
  • Bread group — Brown
  • Vegetable group — Green
  • Fruit group — Red
  • Protein group — Blue
  • Dairy group — Yellow
  • Sugar and Fat — Orange


NOTE: This activity is based on the 1992 USDA food guide pyramid. 

See http://www.choosemyplate.gov/ for the current USDA food guide. 

Food group, food pyramid, calorie, serving, analysis, self assessment, health promotion, disease prevention, dietary guideline, nutrition, reading, compare, contrast

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You Are What You Eat
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Lesson 5: Nutrition Journal/Food Pyramid