Activity 5B: What Services Will Be Needed?

Have students refer to their Population Pyramid for 2025 and their world map: “Percent Aged 65 or Over: 2025.” Since the United States is a country with a rapidly growing aging population of elders, ask students to brainstorm and discuss services that may be increasingly needed in the future. Have students concentrate on health and related care services.

Possible services might include:

  • personal care services
  • homemaker services
  • home health care
  • telephone & other monitoring services
  • ambulatory medical care
  • dental care
  • optometric care
  • meals on wheels programs
  • transportation services
  • day care programs for adults
  • special units in hospitals
  • care management & referral services
  • health education/promotion
  • counseling services
  • rehabilitation services
  • respite care
  • hospice programs
  • substance abuse programs
  • hospital care
  • nursing home care
  • day hospitals
  • house-designing for elderly
  • insurance
  • annuities

Next, students should discuss and brainstorm products which might be needed by this increasing population. Possible products might include, but should not be limited to:

  • beauty products
  • clothing
  • exercise equipment
  • adaptations for the home
  • adaptations for the car
  • eye wear
  • magazines and books
  • prescription drugs
  • games
  • adaptations for movement
  • coupon organizers
  • food for teeth and digestion problems

Because this brainstorming activity will be needed in Activity 6A: Create a Product for the Future, it is suggested that students record their ideas on paper or that a running list be kept on the chalkboard for the class.


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Our Aging World
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Lesson 5: Visualizing the Aging Population