Activity 5C: My Changes Over Time

Ask students to bring pictures of themselves at different ages (this may include baby pictures, pre-school pictures, first or second grade pictures, third or fourth grade pictures, and a most recent picture to class.) Make sure students write their names on the back of the pictures to avoid possible loss! Have students examine pictures from earliest to latest to see that there have been some big changes. They look the same, but different! Have them list the changes, and the features which have not changed. Have students compare pictures and list and record any observations that are generated during this sharing time.
Note: This may be an area of sensitivity for the students. Treat it accordingly. For example, comparison of measures against so called population “norms” and growth charts may identify children as “too short” or “too fat.” It is preferable to have the class data graphed and discussed. 

Body change


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A Look at Me
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Lesson 5: Aging and Body Changes