Activity 5C: Os Costs ® : Banking on Healthy Bones

The rate of bone loss increases as we age, which in turn increases our risk of fractures and osteoporosis. By playing "Os Costs ® : Banking on Healthy Bones," students will find that making good choices about bone health may significantly reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The goal is to obtain sufficient bone mass to build a reserve or "bone bank" of "osteocoins." 


To assemble the game:

  • Green Fate Cards
  • Green Choice Cards
  • Yellow Fate Cards
  • Yellow Choice Cards
  • Red Fate Cards
  • Red Choice Cards
  • Os Costs® Game Pieces and Osteo-Coins
  • Os Costs® Gameboard
  • All Game Assembly Pages (49 pages) 


  • Pre/Post Test
  • Pre/Post Test Answer Sheet & Key




Game, nutrition, exercise, risk factor, graph, interpret, health information, bone mineral density, bone mass, fracture threshold, health promotion, disease prevention, healthy choice, health behavior 


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Give Your Bones A Break
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Lesson 5: A Look at Osteoporosis