Activity 5C: Sedentary Stan: Vascular Complications of Type 2 Diabetes

Sedentary Stan is a game in which the players will take turns drawing scenario cards describing choices Stan has made about managing his Type 2 diabetes. Stan's fate will depend on which cards are drawn; some cards will have a positive outcome while others will have a negative outcome. Each poor choice Stan makes means that a part of one or more body systems must be colored. During play, students will see how the body systems are interdependent and how careful diabetes management is critical to maintaining good quality of life. 
  • Observe that the complications of diabetes can affect many organ systems in the body
  • Conclude that organ systems are interdependent
  • Make good health-related choices
  • Describe ways in which a person with Type 2 diabetes can prevent or possibly delay the onset of complications



Diabetes, organ system, healthy choice, Type 2 diabetes, game, diabetes management


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Bittersweet: Diabetes
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Lesson 5: Diabetic Complications