Activity 5D: Sorting by Gender

The students will now sort the data into male and female responses. Use the following steps:
  1. Click on any cell in the Gender column (D), select DATA then SORT
  2. The SORT window should pop up. Make sure that the first sorting key is "Gender" and that "Ascending" is selected. Click OK.
  3. Click on the cell where you want to display the average of the Male ages (i.e. B104). Type =average(b2:b52). Then in cell B105 type =average(b53:b101) to compute the average of the Female ages.
  4. Either follow the same procedure or copy and paste the formulae into the corresponding cells for Education Years. 
After sorting the information, the students will find the average age for both groups and the average grade completed for each group. Record the data on the same sheet used for activities B and C. The students should display the mean age and mean grade using their information on the worksheet onto a bar graph or any other graph that you may be teaching at the time. The graph should include the average age for the entire group, males, and females. The second graph should have the average grade completed for the entire group, males, and females. Have the students show their graphs and discuss their findings. 
Note that women have lower average HHIE-S scores than men. Ask the student why this might be so. (Answer: Older men have more hearing loss than older women.) 

Computer skill, spreadsheet, cross cultural adaptation, HHIE-S, hearing handicap inventory elderly


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Embracing Diversity
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Lesson 5: Computer Skills