Activity 5E: Older Friend Story for a Younger Reader Extension: Illustrating Stories

Depending upon students' knowledge and understanding, the teacher may wish to review the components of a story before beginning Activity 5E. The teacher may also encourage students to review their biographies of their Older Friends.
Students are to write a story about their Older Friend and the relationship which has developed, which would appeal to and could be read by a young child. Encourage students to present the story in an optimistic manner: it should present aging as a positive experience, and should present an upbeat view of cross-generational relationships. This activity is purposely open-ended to allow for teacher decisions concerning the writing and use of the story. Teachers should incorporate any pre-writing activities they deem necessary. 
Extension Activity
Illustrating Stories: 
As possible extension activities, students could:
  • illustrate their stories,
  • share them with their friends on Older Friend Day,
  • compile their stories as a class into a book or other format, and/or
  • publish their books. 

Older friend, attitude, biography, story writing


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My Older Friend
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Lesson 5: Sharing My Older Friend With Others