Activity 5E: Toxic Food Environments: Media Messengers

Students become media messengers as they explore ways in which the power of advertising can have a positive influence in raising awareness of the obesity epidemic and encouraging healthy behaviors. After selecting a “Fatoid”, students will research and discuss their “Fatoid” and create an original media message about FAT. Students will be given a rubric detailing expectations for the advertisement and will complete a planning page for their media message. Students will conference with the teacher, as needed, to confirm ideas for target audience, persuasion technique, art design, color selection, text, direct message, and the indirect message they would like to convey. Using a variety of materials, students will bring their messages to life using original art design. Each group of “media messengers” will present their advertising with an explanation of the techniques used.
  • Create an original media message
  • Identify the verbal, physical, and emotional cues needed to design an original persuasive message/advertisement
  • Apply the viewing/representing techniques of art design, color, and text to design an original persuasive message/advertisement
  • Present the finished product to peers and teacher
  • Explain and justify the techniques used
  • Evaluate the way in which advertising can affect awareness of a “toxic food environment” and promote healthy decisions 



Media, persuasive message, advertisement, advertising, healthy decisions


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Corpulosity: A Study of Obesity
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Lesson 5: Fat: Out of Balance?