Activity 5F: Pulmo-Park Pom-Pom Shooter: Elementary Lesson

A Pom-Pom Shooter is an easy, entertaining tool your students can use to test variables while learning about lung function. Made of PVC pipe, the Pom-Pom Shooters have different mouthpieces to represent different levels of pulmonary restrictions. The different mouthpieces become variables in this experiment. Students simply place a small pom-pom into the mouthpiece, and blow as hard as possible with one breath. This simulates the way a doctor would measure peak expiratory flow, commonly known as exhaling, in a patient with breathing difficulties. The instrument used by doctors for this purpose is called a High Peak Expiratory Flow Meter.

  • Identify variables
  • Formulate a hypothesis
  • Collect, tabulate, graph, and analyze data
  • Explain the effect of simulated pulmonary disorders on pulmonary health

Pom-pom shooter, distance, restriction, obstruction, peak expiratory flow, PEF, pulmonary disorder

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Pulmo Park
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Lesson 5: Fill it Up: Pulmonary Health