Activity 5G: It's No Fun Being on Restriction: Elementary Lesson

By breathing through straws to simulate a lung disorder, students will experience what it feels like to have restrictive and/or obstructive lung disease. Students will observe first-hand how such a disease can affect normal functioning. Once students have experienced how it feels to have obstructed or restricted breathing, they will conduct an experiment to determine the effect of restricted breathing on their ability to perform a simple cognitive test.

  • Compare normal breathing to obstructed breathing
  • Develop an awareness of the impact obstructed airways can have on daily functioning
  • Identify variables in an experiment
  • Collect, analyze and graph data
  • Draw conclusions about the effects of restricted breathing on everyday tasks
  • Safely and successfully integrate scientific investigations with health concepts
  • Participate in both a simulation and an experimental investigation
  • Demonstrate the effects of restricted breathing on everyday tasks

Pulmonary, diaphragm, lung disorder, lung disease, breath, straw, restrictive, obstructive, cognitive test, alveoli, bronchi, bronchial tubes, trachea, diffusion, gas exchange, asthma

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Pulmo Park
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Lesson 5: Fill it Up: Pulmonary Health