Activity 6A: The Case of Willie

Teacher will give students a situation of a patient with Alzheimer's disease who is brought into a hospital. The teacher will lead students through a series of guided questions "The Case of Willie" Student Worksheet, and at the end of the guided questioning, the students will try to guess what is wrong with the patient. The teacher will use the "The Case of Willie" Teacher Script to guide and debrief the students through the questions one at a time. The students will find out at the end of the activity that the patient has Alzheimer's disease.

Directions to Students: Read the following situation. Answer the following questions only after the teacher instructs you to do so. You will stop after each question, then your teacher will tell you more clues about the man after each question. At the end, you will try to make a diagnosis for this man.


Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, caregiving, geriatrician, stereotype, sensitivity, disorder, aging

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It's All in Your Mind
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Lesson 6: Damaged Brains