Activity 6A: Create a Product for the Future Extension: "Needs" Survey with Older Friends

This activity may be done individually, but cooperative grouping is suggested. Students should imagine they are living in the year 2025. Knowing about the increase in the aging population, they should imagine themselves entrepreneurs and create a product or service for the older population.

If creating a product, students should create or draw the product, so that it can be “marketed” at a later date.

If creating a service, students should make a pamphlet or brochure, so that their service can be “marketed” at a later date.

Extension Activity

"Needs" Survey with Older Friends:

In creating this product or service, students may wish to talk with their Older Friend or do a survey on the products or services desired by older people they know. Teachers may refer to other curricula (e.g., “Invention Convention”) to incorporate other steps in product development in lesson planning.


Entrepreneur, brainstorming, art, drawing, cooperative group, sensitivity, aging, older friend

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Our Aging World
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Lesson 6: Entrepreneurship and the 21st Century