Activity 6A: Creating a Personal Food Plan

Give students the handout with the instructions for creating a personal food plan. Point out that the recommended number of servings is different for girls and boys. Emphasize that they are to create a 3 day plan and that each day must meet the recommended number of servings. Students may wish to refer to the worksheets from Activity 2A Classifying Food and Activity 2D Combination Foods when coding their food choices. Go over the example and be sure that each student knows why the foods are coded as they are. A form is provided for students who may have difficulty organizing this type of project. Students should be encouraged to be creative with this project. They may incorporate drawings or pictures cut from magazines. They may put their plan on poster board or organize it as a menu. 

Personal food plan, food group, food pyramid, serving, classify, combination food, nutrition, self assessment, dietary guideline, calculation, addition, health promotion, disease prevention, analysis


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You Are What You Eat
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Lesson 6: Personal Food Plan