Activity 6B: Middle School Student For a Day Extension: Food Diary and Measuring Up

Invite some of the senior friends to play the role of a middle school student for a day and visit classes. Students would have to provide schedules, maps of school, locker combinations, lunchroom rules, and class rules. The Older Friend should follow the student's class schedule for as long as agreed upon beforehand. A time and place would need to be set aside for processing out their experiences. (See Processing Out Worksheet — Middle School Student for a Day for suggestions). Encourage the Senior Guests to think of questions they might wish to ask the teachers and students in the processing out stage of this experience.

Extension Activity
Food Diary and Measuring Up:
When the Older Friend leaves for the day, he or she should be provided with a blank Food Diary (Nutrition & Aging Unit, Activity 3A Food Diary) to be filled out and returned to the student.
Provide the Older Friend with Measuring Up Diagrams (Self Assess & Family Relationships Unit - A Look at Me Unit, Activity 5B Measuring Up) to be completed at home, or have students measure their Older Friends during the Middle School Student For a Day activity. (Follow the same instructions given in A Look At Me Unit.) These items will be used for comparison and evaluation in later units of study. 


Older friend, interview, sensitivity, aging, youth, processing out


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My Older Friend
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Lesson 6: Older Friend Day