Activity 6C: Warm Fuzzies

Students should read “Warm Fuzzies” and discuss as a class. The reading will provide a working definition of the term “Warm Fuzzies.” Now that students know their Older Friend, they should think about doing something positive for that friend. Ask students to construct or find a “Warm Fuzzies” as they think it might appear. Then have them write a brief “Warm Fuzzies” greeting and attach it to the fuzzy and deliver it to their Older Friend. Students will need to take a copy of the story with them to help explain about Warm Fuzzies and why they are bringing this greeting.
For “Warm Fuzzies,” students may wish to: make a card, share the Older Friend's Biography with them and/or provide them with a copy, help their Older Friend with a chore (shopping at the grocery store, etc.), buy a small item as a token of friendship or appreciation, compare their lives as adolescents (top songs, top movies, world issues, etc.) in meaningful written or illustrated format, share the children's story that they authored or invite the Older Friend to a school activity.

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My Older Friend
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Lesson 6: Older Friend Day