Activity 7A: Sleepwalking Around the World: An Exploration of Sleep Folktales

By exploring various folktales about sleep, students will examine thematic similarities and differences across texts. Students will construct summaries of their self – selected readings, highlighting each text’s main idea and relevant supporting details. Completion of the open-ended response questions will allow students to analyze various aspects of each reading using evidence from the text and their own experiences to support their position. Finally, students will be asked to reflect on what they have learned through their literary exploration by completing a personal reflection.

  • Examine culturally diverse folktales involving sleep
  • Paraphrase and summarize text to recall, inform, or organize ideas
  • Determine distinctive and common characteristics of cultures through wide reading
  • Draw inferences such as conclusions or generalizations and support them with text evidence and experience
  • Present organized statements, reports, and/or speeches using visuals or media to support meaning, as appropriate

Culture, folktales, sleep, presentation, group project, critical thinking

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ZZZZzzzWorld: Exploring Sleep
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Lesson 7: Folk Tales and Animal Tales about Sleep