Activity 8A: "Did I Hear Ya' Right?"

Write the following sentences on the board and see if the students can detect which beginning sounds are missing.

  1. You -ould -e -ery careful when -aving your -in".
  2. "I -ared my -resh -ruit with -aron".
  3. "The -ewing gum was stuck under the -elf".
  4. "I -ose to read the last -apter -irst".
  5. "I have a terrible -ruise on my -in."
  6. "While you're -opping, would you pick up some -resh -erries and -aving cream?"
  7. "I -opped my -eese cube on the -ag rug." 

Compare student responses with the answers below. Note where differences are. Ask students why this kind of "communication problem" would be frustrating for the listener, … for the hearer. Have students share times when they have experienced similar encounters.


  1. "You should be very careful when shaving your chin."
  2. "I shared my fresh fruit with Sharon."
  3. "The chewing gum was stuck under the shelf."
  4. "I chose to read the last chapter first."
  5. "I have a terrible bruise on my shin."
  6. "While you're shopping, would you pick up some fresh berries and shaving cream?"
  7. "I dropped my cheese cube on the shag rug."

Hearing disorder, tinnitus, otosclerosis, dementia, frequency, speech frequency, tone


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Challenges and Changes: Sensitivity to Vision & Hearing Compromises
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Lesson 8: Hearing Handicap