Analyzing Media Unit - Sequence of Five Activities

With all the media influences bombarding us daily, we must develop media literacy skills in our students so they can effectively interpret and evaluate information that may have a strong bias. This is especially important when dealing with health-related information.

After exploring the concept of media and persuasion techniques, students will design and present their own media messages using various formats to be assessed by the rubric provided at the end of the unit.

Activity 1A – What is Media?

Activity 1B – What’s Your Point?

Activity 1C – Response-Ability

Activity 1D – Media Designers

Activity 1E – Media Messengers

  • Define media, persuasion, bias, stereotype, body Image, logo, slogan
  • Identify inferred messages, target audiences, appeal strategies
  • Explore the effects media has on our society and on us as individuals
  • Solve problems by working cooperatively
  • Design original persuasion messages (using art and color techniques learned)
  • Use viewing/representing techniques to inform, entertain and persuade
  • Use precise speech 



Media, persuasion, bias, stereotype, body image, logo, slogan, message, audience


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Analyzing Media Unit - Sequence of Five Activities
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Lesson 1: Analyzing Media Unit - Sequence of Five Activities