Pre-Activity 3A: Preparing for the Interview

Depending on the ability level of the students, teachers may need to do pre-activities with the students to prepare them for interviewing their older friend:
  1. Class discussion — preparing for the interview (materials, equipment) — Teachers may suggest that students have the following items available: pens, paper, tape recorder, and video camera, if possible. Students and their Older Friends need to agree on time and place of meeting. More than one meeting may be necessary.
  2. Students need to be provided with a copy of the "Interview Questions." Teachers should go over the questions with the students and discuss any questionable vocabulary words.
  3. The Teacher may wish to set up activities for students to practice their interviewing skills in the classroom. Teachers should guide students and encourage students to: ask open-ended questions, wait between questions for an answer, ask for clarification, and not interrupt a good story. The student does not need to feel it necessary to ask every question from the "Interview Questions." 

Interview, note taking, sensitivity, aging


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My Older Friend
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Lesson 3: Interview with My Older Friend