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Michael Lichtenstein
Principal Investigator

Michael J. Lichtenstein, M.D., M.Sc.

Dr. Lichtenstein has overall responsibility for the organization, implementation, coordination and conduct of the TEI (Positively Aging® and MORE) projects. Dr. Lichtenstein founded the Positively Aging® project in 1993. He has been the primary coordinator, faculty mentor, editor and fund raiser as the project has evolved. Over the past 11 years, he has fostered collaborative interdisciplinary efforts that developed new science and research education programs at the UTHSCSA spanning from the public school setting to post-doctoral training. His formal research training is in Epidemiology and he has been active as an investigator in a cohort study focused on the evolution of disability in Mexican and European American elders, the 'San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging' (Co-Investigator). Since 1998, Dr. Lichtenstein's interests in science and research education have grown. He currently serves as the Principal Investigator for Research Education and Career Development – Institute for the Integration of Medicine and Science at the UTHSCSA. Dr. Lichtenstein is the Chief of the Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology . Clinically, Dr. Lichtenstein practices primary care Geriatrics and in this capacity works as the Associate Director for Clinical Programs for the Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies.


Kandi Grimes
Research Coordinator/

Kandi Grimes, B.G.

Ms. Grimes is responsible for administration, project coordination, and account management for the TEI project which includes training programs, advisory committee meetings, annual report preparations, and grant applications. She coordinates with UTHSCSA Computing Resources and Multimedia/Web Services to ensure that the TEI web site is operational and well maintained. She is responsible for posting revisions and modifications to the web site. She assists with the coordination of data collection, coding, and data entry for the evaluation of the curricular materials.







Chase Fordtran
Graphics Specialist

Chase Fordtran, B.A.

Mr. Fordtran is responsible for all graphic design and production of health curricula and promotional documents. He acts as a liaison between project staff and other process/production providers and an information resource in matters related to design practices and specialized computer graphic hardware and software. Mr. Fordtran provides staff support for organizing training programs. He is responsible for coordinating the printing production of curricula with the UTHSCSA Printing Services.








Rosemary Riggs
Educational Development
Specialist (EDS)



Rosemary Riggs, M.A.

Ms. Riggs is the Program Director of the Voelcker BiosciencesTeacher Academy (VBTA) and is the main liaison between participating school districts and UTHSCSA. Ms. Riggs develops and conducts in-services and trainings for teachers. She works one-on-one with teachers on curriculum development, lesson planning, and adaptations of the materials. Ms.Riggs assists with the analysis and interpretation of the evaluation materials and coordinates with the teacher writing teams to revise the materials.