About the Teacher Enrichment Initiatives

The Teacher Enrichment Initiatives (TEI) involve partnerships between UTHSCSA researchers and health professionals and San Antonio area school teachers. All curricula are FREE to download on this website!
The Teacher Enrichment Initiatives consist of:

What can the TEI offer to teachers and student?

  • Activities that are teacher and researcher approved and free of charge to use
  • Curriculum that enhances teacher content knowledge through carefully researched background pieces
  • Quality teacher training opportunities at no cost to districts
  • In depth health science content based upon current biomedical research
  • Inquiry investigations and discrepant experiences for students
  • Activities that enhance student understanding of their bodies as dynamic, interdependent systems
  • Quality curriculum that addresses the growing health crisis among our young students while teaching the tough TEKS
  • Flexibility to integrate the activities into existing district curriculum programs

Recognitions We Have Received