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Pom Pom Shooter Activity
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Teacher & Student Quotes


Comments and Impressions about the Curriculum

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Teacher Quotes

"With this program, any teacher can pick up a lesson and teach a health topic." - High School Special Education Teacher


"This material is written by teachers for teachers." - Middle School Science Teacher


"Hands-on learning and real-life context that helps students connect to what they are learning." - Middle School Science Teacher


"This program really motivated me to be conscious of my health. I realized that what I do now will affect my future health." - Middle School Science Teacher


"This program means that finally I can help my students to explore relevant health issues and do so within the context of my Language Arts class. The great thing about this program is its interdisciplinary approach to health education. The sole responsibility of teaching health content cannot rest solely on PE teachers or Science teachers. Everyone must take a part in this crucial education." - Middle School Language Arts Teacher


"Utilizing this curriculum encouraged teachers to help young people focus on issues that will affect them throughout their lives." - Middle School Science Teacher


"I feel that this project is essential to educating children, as well as, adults about the importance of taking care of themselves. " - Middle School Language Arts Teacher


"We realized that the activities we did today covered History, Math, Science, Health, Language, and Reading. That was pretty awesome, to touch on five core areas in one hour class at the end of the day. " - Junior High Science Teacher


"This was a very engaging in-service. I plan to use the curriculum on a regular basis. I think it was all brilliant. I love the kinesthetic elements." - Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher


"This was a wonderful eye opener. Had we not had this type of workshop, health awareness would have been the furthest from my mind." - Sixth Grade Language Arts/Reading Teacher



Student Quotes

“It’s more effective than a lecture.”


“This is the way teaching should be done.” (about the OsCosts®: Banking on Healthy Bones Game)


"I really liked it. He was fun and I learned more about diabetes. I loved it." (about Sedentary Stan: Vascular Complications of Diabetes)


"I liked it. I think it was a fun activity to learn about PEF and to also have fun. I liked every part of the activity. " (about Pom-Pom Shooter Measuring the Effect of Restricted Breathing on Peak Expiratory Flow)


"I liked the lab because it explained levers more than just reading about it. It was fun to do this lab and I would like to do it again. " (about Levers in the Body)


"[I learned that] the choices you make when you are young are gonna affect you when you get older." (about Inflamm-O-Wars game)


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