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Vision Impairment Glasses

Vision Impairment Glasses
from Vision Unit



Mobility activity

Standing Still Activity
from Mobility Unit


PowerPoint Presentations


Introduction to Sleep
physiological changes during sleep, REM, NREM
html version     ppt version - 1 MB


What's My Line? Circadian Rhythms
Graphs for Concept Attainment Lesson

html version     ppt version - 4 MB


Eye Disorders & Diseases
photographic examples of eye disorders and diseases
html version     ppt version - 1 MB


Cinco de Mayo Presentation (en Español)
nutrition & physical activity
html version     ppt version - 4 MB


Nutrition Activities for a Nation in an Unfit State
nutrition & physical activity
html version     ppt version - 24 MB


Fat Minder®: How to Keep an Energy Balance
benefits and consequences of fat in body, activity level, calories
html version     ppt version - 1.3 MB


Overweight State: Picture Splash Introduction
supplement to Obesity Unit Activity 4A
html version      ppt version 1.3 MB


Dire Progress
the progression of atherosclerosis
html version     ppt version - 13 MB


Get a Grip!
grip strength, grip styles, mechanics of grip
html version


Walking Your Way Into Forces & Motion
balance, mobility, gait
html version


Motion Commotion Station Labs
physics of movement
ppt version


Mobile Marvin
gait, gait cycle
ppt version


Footprints in the Sand
gait, gait cycle
ppt version


Gait Compromises
inquiry, hypothesis, impairments, formulas
ppt version


Granny on the Ramp
force, velocity, accessibility
html version     ppt version 5 MB


Slicin' and Dicin'
paper lung dissection
ppt version


Oral Health
photographic examples of healthy teeth, caries, decay, disease
html version     ppt version - 2 MB


Presentation for 2007 Nathan Shock Conference on Aging
overview of program and program evaluation
html version     ppt version - 1 MB


Presentation for 2007 Gerontology International Synthesis Meeting Japan
Positively Aging® Infusing Gerontology into K-12 Classrooms

html version


Presentations for 2005 China Seminar
overview of curricular program, overweight and obesity, intergenerational relationships, human subject research

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Presentation for 2005 Aichi Conference Japan
overview of curricular program, intergenerational relationships

html version