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Teacher inservices and workshops are presented each summer in San Antonio, Texas, by the TEI program. Occasionally workshops are also offered during the school year. Workshops are designed to motivate teachers to infuse health/aging issues into the regular school curriculum and to promote scientific literacy as a powerful tool in making life-determining decisions. Most workshops are designed for teachers of all subjects. Every Teacher is a Health Teacher!
The TEI program is Texas State Board of Educator Certification approved professional development providers (SBEC #500400).
The Positively Aging® curriculum is an approved resource available for lending at SCIMAST Access Centers (Southwest Consortium for the Improvement of Mathematics and Science Teaching).
The curriculum is also recommended by the Texas Education Agency Health and Physical Education Division .
Examples of Workshop Topics
Science Content - Bone Health, Brain Health, Vision Health, Hearing Health, Diabetes Health, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Obesity, Nutrition, Blood, Forces and Motion, Levers, Sleep
History Content - Life Expectancy Through the Years, Population Dynamics, Linking Technology and Community, Intergenerational Relationships, Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century
Reading Content - Stereotypes/Biases, Character Analyses, Literary Circles, Socratic Teaching, Intergenerational Relationships, Reading/Writing Activities Related to Health Topics
Math Content - Percents, Food Diary Calculations, Food Pyramid Graphing, Energy Calculations, Density Graphing, Proportion Ratios/Graphing, Spreadsheets, Statistics, Population Pyramids
Middle School TEKS Connections
Science TEKS - Investigation Procedures, Collecting/Analyzing Data, Graphing, Models, Percentages, Mean, Range, Frequency, System/Parts, Structure/Function, Internal/External Stimuli, Evaluation, Inferences, Prediction
History TEKS - Historical Events/Contemporary Events, Cultural/Individual Contributions, Scientific Discoveries, Analyze/Interpret Information, Points of View, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Maps, Graphs, Charts, World Regions, Economic Levels, Civic Responsibility, Writing Connections
Language Arts TEKS - Graph Interpretation, Technical Terms, Word Meanings, Supporting/Main Ideas, Cause/Effect, Fact/Nonfact, Point of View, Compare/Contrast, Listening Skills, Public Speech, Conclusions, Problem Solving, Inferences, Stereotypes/Biases, Socratic Teaching, Literary Circles, Writing Connections, Book Talks
Math TEKS - Apply Math to Everyday Activities, Graphing, Nomograms, Algorithms, Percentages, Estimation, Calculations, Statistics, Coordinate Points, Technology, Data Analysis, Predictions, Conclusions, Algebraic Thinking
All curricular materials have been coded to the Texas state standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Go to the TEKS Search Database.
Teacher Benefits
Professional Development Credit—6 hr/day [SBEC #500400]
GT Credit as Approved by School District
Teaching supplies, materials, books—FREE
UTHSCSA/Health District Guest Speakers
Field Trip Opportunities
Contact Information
For more information on the next professional development opportunity, please contact: teachhealthk-12@uthscsa.edu